The cable slitting tool every fiber engineer will want in their kit

10th November, 2021

When you’re working against the clock to install fiber optic cabling, the last thing you want is a cable slitting tool that isn’t up to the task. If your tool isn’t strong enough, is difficult to handle or can’t make accurate cuts, you could be left with damaged fibers, wasted cable and missed deadlines.

Thankfully, there are tools available which you can rely on to perform beautifully every single time. The Miller® MB02 cable slitting tool is among the best of them and stands head and shoulders above many other tools on the market for several reasons:

The MB02 helps you get the job done faster

The MB02 has two precision ground steel blades, meaning it slits both sides of the cable at once; saving you precious time with every cut. It is spring loaded, making it quick and easy to use, and its ergonomic design and concealed blades mean it sits safely and comfortably in your hand, reducing the risk of hand fatigue or injury on those long days out in the field.

It’s custom-built for accuracy

The Miller® MB02 is designed to longitudinally slit and ring cable jackets up to 15.25mm in diameter. Initially designed at Ripley Labs in the USA (patent pending) to meet the specific needs of Openreach cable installation engineers, it’s custom built to provide 100% accuracy across a vast range of cable types and sizes, and customer needs.  

This precision is achieved thanks to a unique modular design that uses interchangeable guide trays to securely hold the cable during slitting. Cable cutting depth and diameter are set by the custom-molded guide trays to make sure blade exposure is right every time. Once you’ve selected the right tray insert, you will find both a ring and longitudinal guide channel which are the perfect fit for your cable – no manual height or width adjustment is needed.

It’s more versatile by design

Carrying extra cable slitting tools means more weight in your toolkit. With the MB02, you can reduce the number of tools you need to carry, as the main tool body can be used with a range of tray insert with color coded identifiers (jewels). These come color coded for convenience and can cover a wide variety of cables, from a very thin jacket casing of 0.4mm up to 3.5mm.

Changing guide trays is quick and easy with the MB02 thanks to its magnetic modular action. This simply means that strong magnets within the tool body and inserts ensure the trays are held firmly in place – but allow you to quickly and easily push them off when you need to switch to a different size.

The MB02 can be purchased complete with three sets of interchangeable guide tray inserts in a safe storage pouch, or as a stand alone tool with individual inserts purchased separately, catering for changing technician needs.

The Miller® MB02 in action

With convenience, speed and precision all built into the Miller® MB02, it’s easy to see why every fiber optic cable engineer would benefit from having it in their kit. Industry leading telecoms companies rely on this tool for their installation and maintenance engineers, and rely on the Miller® brand as a whole to deliver excellent performance and durability for their time pressured teams.

The Miller® MB02 has been approved for use with AFL Fujikura cables and is cited on the Standard Operating Procedure for Corning MiniXtend cables.

Discover how Openreach and Ripley Labs worked together to develop the game-changing MB02 multipurpose cable slitting tool. See the case study.

View our MB02 demo video

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